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Estate Planning



What will happen to my hard-earned money when I die? How much taxes my loved ones must pay? 
Will the properties I leave to my loved ones be protected from the creditors? 
If my children are divorced, will the assets I leave to him/her be protected from his/her divorcing spouse? 
My mom is forgetting things, what can we do to ensure that mom will be taken care of? 
I have a business and investment outside of the United States, how will that assets be taxed? And how will that property be distributed when I die? 
My parents are not US residents, they will leave me an inheritance, do I have to pay taxes on that? 
I am considering immigrate to the United States, what should I do to manage my tax liabilities?

These are some of the most common questions that we encounter daily when assisting our clients to achieve their estate planning goals. 

No two families are the same, even happy families. 

A comprehensive estate planning often involves a mixed topics of possible tax liabilities, privacies, protections from future creditors, the family dynamics, priorities, the values you want to instill to your children and future generation, your (and your spouse’) needs if you are disabled and how your financial and health care decisions are made, etc. 

For global l families and business owners, the complexity of tax law only makes the navigation of the issues even more daunting. 

Rickard Law Offices are here to help you through every step of the Estate Plan Development Process. We offer expert advice and solution to clients and to deliver the personalized Estate Plan for you and your family’s peace of mind and security.

 Our process:
1. Client meeting
We will meet you either in person or zoom to understand you and your family’s backgrounds and priorities. In the meeting, we will discuss the planning strategies, levels of planning and pricing.
2. Trust design
After you decide which plan will best serve you, we will provide the questionnaire to further the design. In this process,
3. Drafting 
After the completion of the worksheet, we will provide you with the draft. 
4. Review Revision
We always encourage you to read through the documents, but we also understand that it could be difficult for our client to fully grasp the meaning of the legalese. We will offer a meeting to review the documents with our client for our client to understand the gist and design of and provide modifications.
5. Signing 
After the documents are completed, our client will choose the date of signing. We will provide notary services if the documents are signed in our office.
 7380 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Suite 215, San Diego, CA 92111